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Walking Through Time

We offer a range of guided walks exploring the geology and human occupation of the Durness area.

The walks vary from 2-5 hours (longer if desired). We do not have a set schedule for our outings. Visitors may contact us by phone or e-mail or by visiting “Durness Deep Time”. 

We are happy to be flexible, and our aim is for you to have the best possible experience during your visit. The walks usually start at “Durness Deep Time” in Balnakeil Craft Village, with a short illustrated talk introducing you to the geology of the area. In some cases, we will have a short drive to our starting point. 

Walk  1 : Balnakeil Bay and Early Life                   -    2hrs,         £ 15 pp (dependent on tides)

Walk  2 : Sango Bay and Continental Collision  -     2hrs,         £ 15 pp

Walk  3 : Faraid Head and Tales of Vikings          -     3-4 hours,       £23 pp (shorter walk)

                                                                                        4- 5 hours,    £28 pp (extended walk)

Walk  4 : Eilean Dubh & the Beginnings of Life  -     3-4 hours,    £23 pp

Walk  5 : Loch Croispol and Loch Borralie   

...from the Bronze Age to the Clearances             -     3-4 hours,       £23 pp  (shorter walk)

                                                                                          4-5 hours,    £28 pp (extended walk)





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For those interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the geology of the local landscape, Björn offers a range of guided walks tailored to all ages and levels of knowledge. 

Guided walks are designed to complement the exhibition at Durness Deep Time and vary from a relaxing 2 hours to a full day tour. Björn will share his expert knowledge and insight into the tremendous forces which have combined to create the magnificent Durness landscape. 

Groups of no more than 6 adults allow for a relaxed and personalized experience.

Discounts are offered for groups of 4 or more adults. Children between 10 and 14 free.

The walks are not recommended for children under the age of 10.

Prices range from  £ 15 (for 2hrs) 

to £ 30 for a full day (5-6 hrs), 

with discounts for groups of 4 or more adults.


Walk 1 : Balnakeil Bay and Early Life


Discover fossilized stromatolites and planolites which provide a record of ancient life on Earth. Stromatolites may be largely responsible for increasing the amount of oxygen in the primeval atmosphere leading to the evolution of complex lifeforms. This is a shoreline walk which can be slippery. 

Duration approx. 2 hours, £15 per person (Times depend on tides). 

Walk 2 : Sango Bay and Continental Collision


 We drive to Sango Bay from Balnakeil (5 mins). On the beach we explore parts of the Moine Thrust where we see the stresses and strains caused by the forces associated with a clash of continents. The walk involves some clambering down to the beach, otherwise easy. 

Duration approx. 2 hrs, £15 per person.

Walk 3 : Faraid Head and Tales of Vikings


We walk along Balnakeil Beach towards Faraid Head. We will come across rocks which were formed under semi molten conditions deep in the crust as two continents collided. On our way we see excellent exposures of the Moine Thrust and exotic metamorphic minerals. At the site of a Viking burial, your guide will explain the ties between the Norselands and NW Sutherland. 

This walk can be extended to include the site of an iron age fort, destroyed by Vikings in 1263, and the pre-clearance township of Aodann Mhor. The walk is on a beach and track and may be boggy in places. Reasonable level of fitness. 

Duration approx. 3-4 hours, £23 per person (shorter walk), 4-5 hours (extended walk), £28 per person. 

Walk 4 : Eilean Dubh & the Beginnings of Life


We walk along the cliffs at the west side of Balnakeil Bay. Here we see several Durness Limestone formations created in the ancient Iapetus Ocean. We will see the fossil remains of stromatolites, the oxygen producing "engines" of the ancient ocean. We go back in time through sea level changes over several millions of years. The walk is on rough ground with occasional steep paths. 

Duration 3-4 hours, £23 per person. 

Walk 5 : Croispol & Borralie Bronze Age to the Clearances


 We walk from the Craft Village to Loch Croispol Schoolhouse ruin, built in the 1760s. At the south-western edge of the loch we find the remains of several roundhouses from the bronze age. As we skirt Loch Borralie we see the remains of an iron age dun, a semi-buried pre-clearance village and traces of a Viking settlement. Place names such as Borralie and Hakon´s Bowl inspire stories of Norse incursion. This walk can be extended to include limestone pavements on the east side of Loch Borralie. They are one of the most unusual land-forms in Scotland and provide a habitat for rare arctic-alpine flora. Fossils such as cephalopods may be seen.

The walk is over rough and occasionally boggy ground, with some hills. A reasonable level of fitness is needed. 

Duration 3-5 hours, £23 (shorter walk), £28 (extended walk) per person. 

Preparing for your walk - Essential Information


Scottish weather is notoriously unreliable and therefore we ask for visitors to come dressed according to changing conditions.

Appropriate footwear is of great importance as we will be walking over uneven and slippery ground at times.

You may wish to bring refreshments and a packed lunch for longer walks.

Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

The walks are not recommended for children under the age of 10.

We cannot take responsibility for any injuries or damage to equipment such as cameras.

Please follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, for more details-