Welcome to Durness Deep Time

‘Durness Deep Time’ is a new exhibition designed by Björn S Hardarson featuring local and regional geology and archaeology of the area. Since moving permanently to Balnakeil, Björn enjoys exploring the surrounding landscape with his family and grandchildren, giving him the opportunity to develop a range of tours tailored to all ages and levels of knowledge. The tours are designed to compliment the exhibition and delve deeper into this geologically important and fascinating part of the world.

Dr. Björn S Hardarson qualified with a BSc in Geology at the University of Iceland and completed his PhD at Edinburgh University in the early nineties. He stayed on at Edinburgh University for 15 years, mostly doing research in igneous geochemistry and tectonics relating to mantle plumes, in particular the Iceland plume. Two years were undertaken at the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre at Glasgow University working on Argon-Argon dating. 

In early 2000 Björn returned to his Icelandic homeland and worked in geothermal energy with the Iceland GeoSurvey for 12 years. Björn is deeply involved with the Geothermal Training Programme of the United Nations University aiming to assist developing countries with geothermal exploration and development, for example in Kenya, Ethiopia and Rwanda. He has also regularly lectured at the University of Iceland and the University of Edinburgh and presented papers at conferences across the world. 

Björn moved back to his second home in Scotland a couple of years ago and now lives in Balnakeil Craft Village near Durness in NW Sutherland with his partner, artist Ishbel Macdonald.